Sliding Door Track Repair

Sliding door track repair
Sliding Door Track Repair

How Do I Know If My Sliding Door Track Needs Repair?

If the ball and stem of the sliding door track (the part that the rollers ride on) has deformities such as waves, dents, valleys, gouges, or divots because of worn out rollers, your door may not open and slide correctly. All Door Service and Repair is able to fix this type of sliding door track repair problem. This repair is completed by installing a stainless steel veneer cap over top of the damaged ball. This provides a smooth and corrected surface that is a proper fit to the new rollers.

How Do I Know If My Sliding Door Tracks Need To Be Replaced?

If the valleys or dents are too deep then a repair will not work and a track replacement would be necessary.

If you have a vinyl or PVC door, your track will be broken at the ball and stem. Then your track will need to be replaced due to this issue being unfix-able.

Rollers are fabricated from Steel and Stainless Steel. Tracks are composed of aluminum, which is a soft metal. When you put a heavy sliding glass door with steel or stainless steel wheels on top of a soft metal track, the track is is supporting a lot of weight. This can wear down the aluminum.. A stainless steel veneer on the track ensures a smooth and quiet operation as well as preventing de-railing.

How We Can Help

All Door Service and Repair siding door addresses all of these sliding door track repair issues and many more. We have the parts on hand to correct a wide variety off issues. No matter the brand or age of the door we can find a sliding door track repair solution.