Garage Door Drum Sunrise

Garage Door Drum Sunrise

When All Door Service and Repair installs your new garage door, it will have a part called a garage door drum. It works with your door springs for the smooth operation of your garage door mechanism. It also keeps your garage door balanced as it opens and closes. That is why garage door drum repair sunrise is so important.

garage drum

There are (3) different types of garage door drums:

Standard lift – Used on most residential garage doors
Vertical lift –Used in industrial or warehouse settings
High-lift – An increased vertical rise for the door; horizontal track closer to ceiling

Each type of drum is designed to balance the door based on the door height, weight of the door and the cable thickness and length.

Over time and if not properly maintained, your garage door may become noisy or shaky. This is likely due to a faulty garage door drum that may have a buildup of dirt and rust.

At All Door Service and Repair we specialize in garage door drum repair sunrise. Our trucks are fully stocked with garage door drums for all needs. Garage door drum repair sunrise is one of our most serviced issues.

In order to know how you can properly maintain your garage door drum or if you need it replaced or repaired, just contact All Door Service and Repair for garage door drum repair sunrise at 754-219-9931

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