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What are Panic Devices? What are Exit Devices?

Many people do not know what an “exit device” is despite the fact we all see them very all the time. Exit devices are crash bars and panic bars. Every commercial and public building in this country, including Sunrise has at least one exit device. Exit devices play an important role in the safety and security of human lives and their property.

To begin, an exit device is door hardware which allows doors to remain locked from the outside when necessary. People inside the building, however, can still exit the same door without having to unlock the door.

On buildings with crash bars, no one is able to open doors installed with these devices from the outside when locked.

In the event of an emergency, such as a fire, those inside the building can use these locked doors as an emergency exit by pushing against the crash bar on the inside part of the door.

The term “panic bar” was given to exit devices because they can be opened very fast in an emergency. Panic bars are also beneficial because people with limited mobility and small children can initiate them.

Panic Bar Installation Options

All Door Service and Repair can help you in selecting the right panic bar hardware from a wide variety of options, styles, functions and sizes. The two important features when selecting panic bar hardware are: door type and options for operating the panic bar.

Type of doors:

Single or double doors, glass doors, metal doors, aluminium doors, wood doors, or heavy duty doors.

Panic Bar Services

All Door Service and Repair Sunrise offers panic bar installations for industrial and commercial clients in South Florida, Sunrise and surrounding areas.. We also offer commercial panic bar repairs, and
commercial panic bar replacement hardware

Our goal is to provide the highest quality commercial panic bars at the best possible prices, installed by experts.

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