Commercial Door- Door Closer Repair

Commercial Door Closer Repair

Commercial Door Closer Repair

Great customer service starts the second a customer walks through the door. Make sure that your business’ first impression begins with a door that open and closes properly. All Door Service and Repair provides commercial door closer repair and door closer maintenance services, therefore ensuring the safety of your customers.

What Is a Commercial Door Closer,

Commercial door closers allow people to open and pass through doors with out having to physically close them .

Commercial Door Closers

  • The Door closer causes the user to feel resistance as they begin to open the door, giving them an idea of how heavy the door is
  • After initial resistance, the door smoothly and easily opens.
  • When a person lets go of the door, a spring in the door closer forces the mechanism’s arm to close gently.

Who Needs Commercial Door Closer?

Commercial door closers are used widely. Most businesses can benefit from the installation of commercial door closers. They can be placed on a variety of new and existing commercial doors.

Types of Commercial Door Closers

There are several types of commercial door closers.

Commercial door closers come in several types and styles, some of which are specific to the type of door application

Top-mounted door jambs are the most common type of closer

Concealed – fitted into the door or the door frame and hidden from sight

Floor-spring – concealed and mounted to the floor

Surface-mounted – fitted to the door frame, usually most cost-effective

Commercial Door Closer Installation

How to Install a Commercial Door Closer

Should you choose to install a commercial door closer at your business, All Door Service and Repair will send a technician to your business to:

  1. Identify the right door closer for your type of door.
  2. Prepare the door and frame for install
  3. Install necessary hardware to door frame and door.
  4. Connect both pieces of the commercial door closer.

Commercial Door Closer Repair and Commercial Door Closer Maintenance

At All Door Service and Repair, we commonly encounter five key problems:

  • Incorrect Types of Door Closers
    Using the wrong closer for your type of door.
  • Improperly Installed and Adjusted Door Closers
    Improperly installed closers decrease the overall lifespan of the unit and may damage other essential parts of your door.
  • Seal Repairs and Low Oil Levels
    Broken seals expose clearance gaps, may cause lubricant leaks.
  • Door Is Difficult to Lock
    A door that’s difficult to lock poses a security threat. It also affects the life of the door frame, locking mechanism and door closer.

Door Closer Repair Maintenance Services

The professionals at All Door Service and Repair receive extensive training to install, maintain and repair commercial door closers. Our door closer repair and maintenance services ensure that the parts on a door stay in good working condition and are safe to use.

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